Feedback from EvoBus employees

petr 38

Name: Petr Klepl Age:38 Position:Welder

Name: Petr Klepl    Age:38   Position:Welder

Daimler AG had excellent communication between Management and employees. Typical days, including the size of our workload for that day, was met with all of us knowing we will get our jobs done, goals met in a safe and timely manner to make our customers satisfied. The culture at Daimler felt like a big family. We always helped and advised each other when our workload for the day was very high. The hardest part of my previous job was that our place outgrew itself after being in Wood Dale for over 30 years and had to move into two bigger plants that were out of state. The most enjoyable moments were when we all worked hard and safe together to meet our goals and customers satisfied daily, leaving the place knowing that even a rough day was never something we couldn’t get through.

Jaroslav Novák 49

Name: Jaroslav Novák Age:49 Position:Technology engineer

Name: Jaroslav Novák    Age:49   Position:Technology engineer

Daimler is a fantastic place to work. I’ve been able to grow into an entirely new role without leaving my team. Two levels of managers above me have been going out of their way to help me progress my career, including asking about my career desires, suggesting new projects to build those skills, and giving me time to grow in those skills.

Name: Radka Majerová Age:24 Position:Administration work in finances department

Name: Radka Majerová   Age:24   Position:Administration work in finances department

My first job out of college was with this organization. They were good to me so I have nothing bad to say about this company. I enjoyed working in the automotive industry.