Program for students

Program for students contains:


• Year-round experience in addition to university studies in an international company in the following areas:


– Controlling

– Quality

– Construction

– Logistics



-Technical consultancy

– HR

– Marketing

• Mentor and two-way feedback
• Theme and support of diploma and bachelor’s thesis
• Student participation in EvoBus projects
• Participation in company activities (eg Family Day)
• The possibility of continuing vocational training in the ECR

Conditions for students
• Higher education: Full-time study
• Entrance interview
• Knowledge of AJ or NJ
• The company practice has an average of 1 day per week or full practice (full working time) for a certain period of time

Benefits for students
• We offer practice in an international environment
• Getting to know the real „working life“
• Work on projects
• Possibility to create practice for bachelor or diploma work
• Possibility of future employment
• Creating work networks

If you are interested in student programs, please fill out the basic information in the form or contact the EvoBus Czech Republic personnel department. More information can be found at